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Divorces and separations are difficult. One of the most controversial decisions during a separation is over child custody. If you need a child custody attorney in Boise, Idaho, you can depend on M. Sean Breen, Attorney at Law. You'll gain extensive guidance in the ins and outs of joint legal custody law and representation during proceedings.

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Joint legal custody could be right for your situation

Every separation is different. You need legal representation based on your specific situation. While some issues like abuse or neglect may result in one parent receiving sole custody, many couples opt for joint custody agreements. Joint legal custody law can be complicated. Luckily, Sean give you advice on:

  • Joint legal custody-the legal authority to make medical and religious decisions for your children
  • Joint physical custody-the legal authority to take the children to do activities
  • Parenting time-the schedule that determines when the children will be with each parent

Separating from a significant other shouldn't mean losing your children. Meet with M. Sean Breen, Attorney at Law in Boise, Idaho today.