He really knows his business and goes BY THE LAW. He has NO HIDDEN AGENDA. Truthful, Honest and To The Point. Will not waste your time or money.

Pam V.


Sean and his office truly made all the difference in my case. Emotions were always running high between my ex-husband and myself and Sean was the only way I made it through such a tough time in my life.

Sean was always very easy to communicate with and was never too busy to meet with me to explain our next steps or anything I wasn't understanding. He was understanding to my views and positions but was also grounded enough to tell me when I was asking for something unrealistic that would irritate the situation or never be granted. It's easy to get clouded vision in these situations and Sean was very good about clarifying things as well as advising me what to do in certain odd situations. With Sean by my side, I was able to defend everything I was asking for and were actually able to come to a resolution outside of court. Most important, Sean was aggressive when we needed to stand firm on an issue but compassionate and cooperative when needed as well.

There is no attorney I would trust more for my family. I have recommended him to other friends and family who have also had nothing but good experiences. Sean is not only an amazing attorney but also an amazing human being. I will never go anywhere else and would encourage anyone looking for strong, passionate, and amiable representation to work with Sean in the future. Truly a life saver and phenomenal individual.

Kayla M.


Have been working with Sean and Ashley in my divorce and post divorce cases over the past couple years. Always very professional! They have always gone above and beyond for me! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Nathan B.


Sean is an outstanding lawyer. He has an uncanny ability to align client needs and outcomes with minimal effort on behalf of the client. The network of resources he's amassed over the years proved most useful when my family law case extended over state lines. I am grateful to Sean and the crew at MBBD for resolving my legal matters and for supporting our community with donations of time/resources.

Jill W.


Sean and his team are by far the most professional and organized law firm I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

I have hired Sean and his team to represent me and my family on more than one occasion and we have yet to come out of a meeting or courtroom on the loosing end. Absolute miracle worker.

Sean and his team are not only aggressive where it counts, but also show an amazing amount of compassion and patience when stress levels are running high. Often times I would find myself completely overwhelmed with my case and just feeling lost. The team at M.B.B. & H. were more than happy to take the time to put me back on track and feeling confident again. It's a level of client care you just cannot find anymore.

If you are currently in the market for representation, and just not sure where to turn, take it from someone who has been there, done that, and "got the T-shirt", Sean and his team are the right choice.

Thomas K.


We have YEARS of peace and familial success because of Sean's hard work. We highly recommend him.

Stephanie S.